About Us

Serving commuters, adventurers, dreamers, and more since 2014.

A long time passion continues

Hidden Island RV and Boat Storage was the dream of Scott Harper established in 2014. He, along with Ed and Becky Harper, loved camping, fishing, and boating. They loved the outdoors and treasured nature’s beauty.

Scott often talked about his favorite time of the day: the evening hours, when the day was winding down, the sun was setting, and the shadows were long. It was the perfect time to reflect on the day with family and friends. These long afternoon shadows gave the idea for the storage facility that was ultimately created.

Unfortunately, Scott passed from a dissecting aortic aneurysm in June 2015. However, his dream continues with Hidden Island RV and Boat Storage.

A Special Tribute

As a tribute to his memory, the owners of Hidden Island Storage donate 10% of their annual profits to organizations that are working towards helping people who have been or might be affected by the silent deadly effects of Aortic Aneurysm.
Hidden Island Storage is privately owned and run by people who are dedicated to recreational vehicles and this amazing way of life. They want to offer more than a safe and easily accessible place for vehicle owners to park and store their property: they wish everyone to have priceless peace of mind!